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Try your luck with the latest betting format in 4RaBet virtual sports. It is an exact copy of real sports, but the competitions are held with the help of software and provide all types of bets. The bookmaker offers the most popular selection: virtual football, basketball, horse racing, golf, and more. Fans can bet on their favorite players and teams without waiting for the new sports season. Each event is perceived as a simulated real one. Sign up at 4Rabet, top up your account and enjoy the game.

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Virtual sport

What are Virtual Sports?

Virtual sport is a recreation of sports events in the virtual world based on real ones. The results of the game are determined in relation to static data about the team, horse or dog, a particular punter, injuries, and much more. Sports gzmes are generated by software that has its own rules and distinctive features. For example, matches last only a few minutes and take place under two types of external conditions: day or night. Betting on virtual-sports has become very famous in India and all over the world because it brings big winnings. At 4Rabet you can get acquainted with this type and choose the one that suits you best.

Virtual Sports at 4rabet

On the site of the sportsbook 4ra bet, there are many events and matches related to virtual sports betting. Bettor can place a stake on his favorite sport regardless of its seasonality. A huge selection of bets gives more opportunities and chances to win. Check out the list of virtual games offered by the bookmaker 4rabet. 

✔️FootballYou should not focus on the status of teams, such as in live games, to make a bet in virtual football. Matches are played as quickly as possible, and the winnings are instantly transferred to the bettor’s account. Today at 4Rabet bet on football betting as Italy League, Football League Mode, England league, League Virtuals, World Cup on Demand, Libertadores on Demand and etc. The total score has more than 71 virtual games. Come in anytime and place your bets.
✔️TennisIt is the best 3D visualization of matches with the transfer of emotions and a unique atmosphere. The betting possibilities in virtual tennis are varied. Decide who will win the match or game.
✔️BasketballBasketball is very popular in virtual sport India. Be ready for the opening of the season of games, and go to the basketball game. If you want to try something new 4rabet offers Basketball League betting. 
✔️Dog racingVirtual dog racing is one of the most spectacular events. Come in anytime and bet on the most agile and fastest hound. Registered bettors have access to Instant Greyhounds, Dog H.Odds on Demand, Dog 6 H.Odds, Dog 6 on Demand, Dog 6, and Dog Races.
✔️Horse racingIt is the stimulation of racing horses. Virtual participants participate in the races, and the struggle is carried out among computer algorithms, after which the winner is determined. Electronic races are prevalent in India, the UK, and other countries. At 4rabet it is possible to bet on virtual sports gameslike Instant Trotting, Instant Horses, Racing, Horses 12 Sprint on Demand, Horses 8 Sprint, etc.
✔️RacingVirtual races give a real feeling of speed. Carried out on sports cars and motorcycles. Pick a winner and place your bets on Instant Velodrome, Speedway on demand, Motobikes on Demand, Motobikes, Speedway.
✔️BaseballBaseball is a top-rated classic game. Don’t wait for the start of the season. Enter virtual baseball and bet in Baseball in-play.
✔️GolfVirtual golf gives the feeling of a real game. Computer graphics convey the sense of being on a sports field. Come in anytime and sign up with Golf.

Virtual Sports Betting Bonuses

Virtual 4rabet has prepared many attractive bonuses offers to make betting even more exciting and profitable for the player. The following types of promotions are available to customers.

✔️Freebet BonusFollow the latest promotions on 4Rabet social networks from the newsletter and get free bets as a gift. Bonus conditions: mandatory wagering – x10.
✔️Monthly CashbackPlace bets and return 5-30% of the loss. The amount of cashback depends on the level earned in the bookmaker’s loyalty program. Therefore, place more bets and get more cashback.
✔️1000 INR for a SubscriptionGet extra 1000 rupees for virtual sports by following the virtual bets site 4Rabet on social media.

Tips for Beginners

  1. Choose the licensed best virtual sports betting sites. 4rabet is a large and main bookmaker that has permits. The platform guarantees the honesty of the gameplay, the accuracy of payments, and profitable bonuses for bettors.
  2. Try to understand the virtual sports betting algorithm. You need to calculate the principle of the game and the probable outcomes of events and bet on the one with a higher probability percentage.
  3. Use mathematical miscalculations. There are no game tactics in virtual sports so you can use mathematical miscalculations such as the Martingale method.
  4. Make a few small bets. It will help to gain more experience and understand the essence of the game. In case of loss, the losses will be minimal.
  5. Activate bonuses to increase deposits. With the help of promo, make more bets, calculate the outcomes and win.
  6. Don’t try to win back. The random number generator is responsible for the outcome of the event. Any attempts to recoup, expecting that there is about to be a big victory, will lead to a loss. Therefore, you should refrain from taking sports betting as your primary source of income.
  7. Bet on the favorite. So betting on the choice will bring a win, albeit not a big one. If you are a beginner, use simple betting options. In virtual soccer bet it is the easiest bet.
  8. Learn to manage your budget. Only spend what you can afford. Play clearly within certain limits to earn money.

Virtual Sports Betting Rules

  • Only registered users who have reached the age of majority have the right to place bets.
  • The size of the bet. Replenish the deposit and place bets taking into account the established limits. The bettor cannot turn over bets over/under the limits.
  • Make bets in those championships and tournaments that you understand and know the sport’s specifics.
  • The website offers several bet types. Start with simple bets. If you are a beginner, start making simple bets, for example, on the winner. With the experience gained, you can move on to complex combinations.
  • Before activating the bonus, carefully study the terms and conditions. Follow the wagering otherwise, the bonus and the winnings will be canceled.
  • On average, matches in virtual sports last 4-5 minutes. Follow the result. The winnings will be automatically credited to your personal account.
  • Virtual football bets are similar to real sports events. 2 teams play each game. Such bets as the result of the match, exact score, over/under, double chance, etc., are available on the site.
  • The same rules apply in virtual races as in real ones. Bets are accepted every three minutes. Decimal odds apply. Available Markets: Win and Win/Place.
  • In dog racing, bets are accepted every three minutes. 6 dogs participated in the race. Decimal odds apply. Markets available: win/win place.
  • In virtual basketball, the same rates apply to real matches.

The Bad and Good Features of 4Rabet

  • No time limit.
  • Realistic graphics.
  • Events last a few minutes.
  • Availability of random number generator.
  • A wide range of bets. 
  • No need to wait for the sports season.
hand like
  • Limited number of sports.
  • Difficult to predict the results.
  • Winnings in comparison with real sports are lower.
  • There is no universal winning strategy.
hand unlike

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