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Cricket has been one of the most popular sports in India for a very long time. For many people, watching cricket matches and supporting their favourite team is a family tradition. The 4RaBet betting platform offers to multiply the enjoyment of such events with online cricket betting. 

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The 4RaBet platform is the perfect place to experience not only the joy of winning your favourite team but also the excitement of increasing the cash on your card. Anyone can make money on cricket betting with a well-thought-out strategy, knowledge of some basic 4RaBet cricket rules and the right choice of betting site.

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4RaBet Cricket Betting: Step-by-Step Instructions 

Let’s start with the basics, namely the answer to the question “How to start making money on betting cricket?”. Registration on 4RaBet betting platform is the only thing that separates you from starting to make money on cricket online betting rates and increasing your capital. The whole process will take you 10-15 minutes, as all the functionality of the platform is intuitively simple and understandable for people of any age. 

We have prepared for you step-by-step instructions on how to register and make your first bet on cricket at 4RaBet. 

Step 1: Registration

You can register either from the computer website or from the 4RaBet mobile app. There are two main ways to register for online cricket rate at 4RaBet: 

  • using your phone;
  • using e-mail.

Once you have entered your email or phone number into the appropriate field, you will need to create a password. We recommend that you write down this information so that you can always access your account from any device. 

During registration, you can also use 4RaBet promo code or choose a sign up bonus for newcomers. The platform 4RaBet cricket betting India offers two types of welcome bonuses: Casino Welcome Bonus and Sports Welcome Pack. The terms and conditions of these bonuses can be found on our website or in the app.

Step 2: Make a Deposit to Your Account

After completing the registration on the website, you need to deposit into your account using one of the methods that are presented on the 4RaBet platform. The company has made sure that your cricket gambling experience is as comfortable as possible. You can use a variety of methods to fund your account, ranging from online wallets to cryptocurrencies. Many of these methods can also be used to withdraw money from 4RaBet. The minimum amount for replenishment is 300 Indian rupees. The minimum amount for withdrawal depends on the payment method chosen. 

Step 3: Choose a Match 

Once you have made your first deposit for cricket bet rates, it’s time to place your first wager. To do this, you need to select the match you are interested in. For this, select the “Cricket” tab in the top menu of the 4RaBet site and you will be taken to a page with the relevant matches now and the cricket bet odds the bookmaker gives on them. 

This page also allows you to view and select the league you are interested in and the details for each match. These will help you to find the best cricket betting odds.

Step 4: Place Your Bet

This step and the previous one are some of the most important steps on your way to not losing your money and increasing it. Once you have chosen a cricket match bet or a team you believe in – click on it. You will see a section with many different types of bets. Choose the one you are interested in and click “Place a bet”. That’s it, done. 

Step 5: Wait for the Result

Now all you have to do is watch the match and cheer for your favourite team. After the match is over, you will receive your money in case your prediction comes true. This is by far the most enjoyable part of the whole process. We wish you good luck!

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Tips and Tricks On How to Make Money in 4RaBet Cricket Betting

Some people doubt whether it is possible to make money from cricket betting. However, many reviews from our clients say that this is a real opportunity to increase your monthly income. We have interviewed some of our most successful bettors and have compiled a list of tips and tricks for you on how to not only not lose your money, but also increase your budget in online cricket betting India. 

Plan Your Budget

Even if you don’t consider yourself a gambling person, we recommend you plan your budget. Divide the amount into several parts and use different tools to multiply your money. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You can also use other sports to bet on 4RaBet online. 

Learn What You Are Working With

When you start working in a new job, you always spend the first time learning new information about the job, don’t you? And if you’re trying to change your occupation in general, you’re bound to take a long and dedicated time to learn new knowledge, right? So why don’t you start treating online cricket betting on 4RaBet as your new profession? 

Study everything new that you come across. Follow the teams, and the players, and analyse their playing metrics and the success of a particular team. Study the factors that influence the game. Take the time to learn new things, and never give up.

Weather Is One of the Most Important Factors

Weather is one of the factors that can significantly affect the outcome of a cricket match betting. And your money depends on the outcome of the game. Therefore, you should consider the weather forecast before making your predictions for the match. 

Use the Opportunities of the Bookmaker 4RaBet to the Fullest 

Bookmaker 4RaBet has huge functionality and a variety of tools for your online betting, from the bonus system to a huge selection of bet types and matches. This is, of course, not all the advantages of 4RaBet. It will be explained in more detail below. 

All this functionality will help you to manage your budget wisely and control the process. This all makes 4RaBet the best option for this type of activity. 

Be Patient With Yourself and Keep Discipline 

People rarely get success after the first attempt. Even if you fail to predict the result of a bet for cricket match correctly, there is no reason to give up and not try again. However, you should not jump in with both feet. Gradually and steadily gain experience in this business, and success will come to you. And the company 4RaBet will help to realise it. 

Approach this activity sensibly and wisely, and you will come to success. Feedback from our clients proves it like nothing else.

Cricket Betting 4RaBet: Strategies for Calculating Betting Amount

An important factor for stable money-making on cricket betting is the knowledge of the right winning strategies. There are many of them, but only a few are effective. 

cricket betting strategy

  1. Martingale Strategy. The strategy that starts this list is the most popular among beginners. Its essence is very simple and almost win-win. All you need to do is to double your bet on cricket until it appears to be correct. For example, if you started with 200 rupees and it was wasted, then next you need to bet 400 rupees. And so on, until you re-bet your investment. 
  2. Strategy 1-3-2-6. The essence of the strategy is a bit more complicated than the previous one, however, at the same time, it carries less risk. You need to make 4 different bets. The amount of each bet, you need to multiply by 3, by 2, and then by 6 relative to the first bet. 
    Here’s an example. Assuming that your first bet was 100 Indian rupees and it was successful, the size of the next bet you determine by multiplying the amount by three and betting 300 Indian rupees. If this bet is successful, then you can continue with 200 Indian rupees and the last one will be 600 Indian rupees. However, it is worth remembering that if even one cricket rate is not successful, you should start the whole scheme from the beginning. This strategy will help you avoid big losses and make money. 
  3. D’Alambera Strategy. To follow this strategy, all you need to do is increase the amount of the new cricket bet rate by the size of the first one. It sounds confusing and similar to the very first strategy, however, it will be clearer with an example. So, let’s say your initial bet is 100 Indian rupees. Your subsequent bet is 200 Indian rupees. If these two positions turn out to be wrong, you can opt for an amount of 300 Indian rupees. To each new bet in cricket, add the amount of your first one. 
  4. Danish Betting System. This strategy is one of the least risky of all. Its essence is to gradually increase the wager amount each time, as well as the cricket bet odds of the game by 0.5. A simple strategy that will help you avoid big losses. 

Types of Cricket Betting

One of the advantages of the bookmaker 4RaBet is a huge choice of bets. Each type has its risks. However, the higher the risk, the higher the potential returns. All the types that this platform offers can be categorised in different ways. For example, you have the opportunity to place line bets and live bets. Players also have the option to place a single bet or several bets at once. 

Cricket Betting Line

The essence of the cricket betting line is the ability to place a wager on the outcome of a match before it starts. The site has a separate tab for this type of betting. When choosing it, the player should carefully study all possible data that can affect the match. Making a winning line bet is possible, but you need to have a lot of knowledge for this. It is worth remembering that once the match starts, the rate can not be changed. This comes with a certain risk, however, there is a possibility to get big winnings. 

Live Cricket Betting

Many bettors prefer live cricket betting rates. Live cricket betting odds are usually lower than in the line betting. However, you can change your rates directly during the match, allowing you to react quickly to circumstances on the field that are out of your control. A sudden change in the weather, an injury or the exclusion of a player cannot spoil your profits.  

Combo Bet 

A combo bet is something that is not easily understood by many people. It is high risk, but at the same time, it can bring you big earnings. The platform allows you to choose several positions at the same time: with different odds, from different leagues, live bets or line ones. 

You choose any number of positions, and the platform summarises the odds on all of them and shows you the potential winnings. However, there is an important nuance. If a single wager is not correct, all other positions will be cancelled and you will not receive your winnings. 

System Bet 

This type is less risky than the previous one, although it looks very similar. At the same time, this type is recommended for players with experience as it is more complex and intricate. When making a system bet in cricket at the 4RaBet you can choose several positions at once, just like with a combo. However, in this case, you will get your winnings if you can guess, for example, 2 out of 3 positions, or 2 out of 5. 

The terms of the system bet depend on which strategy you choose. At 4RaBet, there are a few basic strategies that you can learn about when choosing the system type.

Popular Cricket Leagues

Cricket is a sport that is very popular both in India and around the world. A single game of cricket can last either a couple of hours or five days. These events are broadcast all over the country and attract millions of viewers. For Indians, cricket is the national sport that their ancestors played, they play now and teach it to their children. 

India has a wide variety of different leagues, both local and global. The 4RaBet website offers cricket betting opportunities on the most popular leagues in India.

cricket leagues
  • The Cricket World Cup is one of the most popular events among cricket fans. The championship is held every 4 years. In autumn 2023, the games were held in India. A large number of countries like England, USA, Bangladesh, Scotland, Wales, India and many more participate in it. 
  • Indian Premier League(IPL) is a league which is played only among Indian teams. It has eight teams, each representing a different city in India. All games in this league are played in the Twenty20 format, which is a shorter and more dynamic version of cricket. 
  • The Big Bash League is a league with 8 teams from different cities in Australia. The event is usually held four times a year, in the summer months and in the winter months. 

At 4RaBet you can bet on matches from these leagues as well as a large number of leagues from other countries. The platform offers a great choice in this field.

Why Choose the Bookmaker Company 4RaBet?

The facts about the bookmaker company 4RaBet speak for themselves. The company has been on this market since 2018, and during this time it has already gained popularity in the Asian market of gambling and sports betting. The main advantages of the bookmaker 4RaBet can be called:

  • availability of its mobile-friendly application;
  • huge variety of regular and seasonal bonuses;
  • large variety of bets;
  • personal manager and support in different languages;
  • a large number of deposit and withdrawal methods;
  • functionality to follow the rules of responsible gambling;
  • referral program.

An interesting feature of this platform is the tools that help bettors follow the rules of responsible gambling. For example, the website allows you to set limits on how much money you can deposit in a certain amount of time, how much money you can lose and how much to bet per one position. This feature attracts many players as it reduces the risk of losing a large amount of cash at a time. 


Bookmaker 4RaBet offers a great range of tools for betting on cricket in India. A user-friendly and intuitive interface, a large number of bonus programmes, and the ability to deposit and withdraw money quickly and easily – all make this platform a great option for enjoying big bets and winnings. If you have any problems or questions, don’t hesitate to contact 4RaBet support via email, Telegram, Instagram or live chat. Managers will always help to solve your problem quickly.

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