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One of the popular games that have been recently added to the 4RaBet casino website is Aviator. The amazing technical features, simple rules, fast rounds, high RTP 97% and exciting process – these are essential reasons why the Aviator online game will not leave indifferent gambling fans.

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Aviator Game Online – Main Characteristics

The 4RaBet Aviator casino game attracts many people precisely because of its good technical indicators and characteristics. For your convenience, we have collected all the features in one table so that you can evaluate whether this game is suitable for you or not.

Name of the gameAviator
Software DeveloperSpribe
Game TopicAir Flights
Year of release2019
Bet SizeMinimum $0.10 
Maximum $100
Protective AlgorithmProvably Fair Technology

Below we will give a more detailed description of the game.

4RaBet Aviator Game Review: Main Details to Know

The game was launched on the Aviator official website in 2019 on behalf of the developer Spribe. After that, the online Aviator game very quickly appeared on the websites of many online casinos. This game offers gambling enthusiasts a truly unique gambling experience.

Aviator Casino Game Functionality

The functionality of the game is based on a random number generator. At the same time, Aviator betting games have a high enough percentage of return on investment (the game coefficient RTP is 97.3%). Simply speaking, when playing the real Aviator Spribe game, 97% of your investment from the total amount of all players will be returned. Of course, the percentage is based on the total amount invested, so you have every chance of not only losing money but also making money.


It is also worth mentioning the volatility of the Aviator games, which is medium. Basically, the volatility of a casino game is an indicator of how often the game will give you winnings. Games with low volatility give more predictable wins but with smaller payouts. Games with high volatility are exactly the opposite. With such a high RTP and medium volatility, this is considered a very good technical feature of an online casino game.

Gameplay of the game

The gameplay of the game is also well-developed and well-designed. In the centre of the screen, there is the main playing area. Once it starts, an Aviator plane rises on the playing area. The higher and longer the plane flies, the more multiplier you see on the screen. The game ends at some point after the plane flies away. To the left of the main game field, there is a list of players and their bets. Throughout the entire process, players can see the amount of bets in this panel and their size. In the upper left corner, there is a button, clicking on which you can see and read the 4RaBet detailed rules of the game.

Down below the main screen, you will find the buttons “Bet” (before the plane takes off) and “Cash out” (after the plane has flown). Also, here you will see your amount after the game starts, which will be automatically multiplied by the odds on the screen. In addition, the game has a chat option for players to communicate with each other.

Basic rules

The basic game rules and the essence of the game are intuitively understandable for people of all ages. The essence of the game is to get your money before the plane leaves. Here are brief rules of the game Aviator:

4rabet aviator game
  • The player places a bet until the plane takes off. The minimum bet is $0.10, while the maximum bet is $100. If you fail to place your bet before the start of the round, your bet is carried over to the next time the plane takes off;
  • When players have placed their bets, the plane takes off and the odds on which your bet is multiplied start flying along with it;
  • The higher and longer the plane flies, the higher the multiplier coefficient and the higher your winnings. The initial multiplier is 1x and the highest possible multiplier is 1000x. However, such multipliers are extremely rare;
  • While the plane is flying, players can take their money and cash out their winnings at any time. However, if they fail to do so before the plane leaves, they lose their money.

Such rules make this game exciting and just a paradise for gaming lovers.

How to Start Playing 4RaBet Aviator Online Game

There are a few basic steps you need to take to start playing the Aviator real money game at 4RaBet casino. 

  1. Create the account. 
    If you are in India, the first thing you need to do is create an account at 4RaBet via email or phone number. You can do this either from the 4RaBet mobile app or from your computer on the casino website. 
  2. Choose the welcome bonus.
    When registering, you can pick a 4RaBet welcome bonus from the casino for gambling. 4RaBet casino offers two types of welcome bonuses: for sports betting and for casino betting. Each of them can only be used for the activity for which it is dedicated. 

  3. Make a deposit to your account.
    To start playing for real money Aviator game, you need to make a deposit to your account. 4RaBet website offers more than 20 deposit methods and 2 main 4RaBet withdrawal methods for players from India. 
  4. Find and click the “Aviator” button.
    After you’ve funded your account, you need to click on the Aviator button. This game is so popular among casino customers and so unique that it was decided to put it in a separate section. Immediately after that, you will enter the game. 
  5. Enjoy your gaming experience.
    Once you have entered the game, you can start trying your luck at the Aviator online game. To increase your chances of winning, we have some simple recommendations for you on how to start. First and foremost, you need to determine your bet size before starting the game. After that try to place your first bet and observe the process of the game. You can take your money as soon as you consider it necessary. 

It’s all very simple and intuitively understandable. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of 4RaBet Aviator Game

During the time that the Aviator game in India has been available, it has been played by a lot of people. Some of them have left reviews. We have collected the most popular advantages and disadvantages of the 4RaBet Aviator game that people wrote about in their reviews.

Pros of Aviator Game India

Here are the main advantages of 4RaBet Aviator game:

  • The ability to withdraw money at any time. This feature of the Aviator game is very important and valuable for many players. Since only you decide when to cash out your winnings;
  • The ability to see the bets of other players and the moment when they withdraw money. This feature of the Aviator game is very important and valuable for many players. Since only you decide when to cash out your winnings; 
  • The ability to place two bets at the same time. This is something that so many players have fallen in love with, as this feature gives you the opportunity not only to increase your winnings but also to build some strategies for playing Aviator 4RaBet;
  • The possibility to play the game in demo mode;
  • The accessibility of the game is not only on the computer but also on the mobile Aviator betting game app, which is available on both Android and iOS.

You can enjoy a new gambling experience not only from home, on your computer, but also from your mobile device, anywhere and anytime. 4RaBet casino always takes care of the convenience and needs of its clients.

Cons of Aviator Play

Of course, every medal has a reverse side. This online casino game also has a number of downsides, though they are minor compared to what advantages the game has.

  • The inability to think through certain strategies;
  • No ability to predict the outcome;
  • There are no free spins;
  • There are no bonus games.

Considering the winnings that you can get here, these disadvantages are completely insignificant. However, many crash games have the features listed above and for some players, the lack of these features can be a significant drawback to the game.

How to Play Aviator Game Demo Mode?

Not all casino online games have a demo mode. This is a great advantage and makes the game available even for beginners or people with minimal experience and a small deposit amount. Aviator India game offers such an opportunity. All you need to do is:

1️⃣ Create an account on the 4RaBet platform.

2️⃣ Select the Aviator section and the demo game section.

3️⃣ Place free bets and gain experience without risking your budget.


Demo mode may differ significantly in terms of the inner feelings from play Aviator for real money, however, it is where we advise every player to start. Your default deposit amount in demo mode is $3,000. The maximum and minimum transaction amount in demo mode is exactly the same as when playing with real money.

Strategies for Playing Aviator India 4RaBet

One of the disadvantages of this game is that it is difficult to build any strategies here. The result hardly depends on the player’s skills or experience. However, there is some space for manoeuvres for players who are strategists. 

Thanks to the opportunity to place two bets at the same time, some players manage to think and calculate the size of their bets in a way that reduces the risks and possible financial losses. All you need to do is to place the first bet in such an amount that the winnings from it can cover the full amount of the second bet. This will help you to reduce the risk of large losses and at the same time, increase the possible Aviator win.


Aviator game 4RaBet was able to gain such popularity due to its good technical features, unique style, design and theme. Of course, like any online casino game, Aviator has its disadvantages, however, they are quite insignificant compared to the opportunities that the game gives. Casino 4RaBet provides the opportunity to experience a new and unique experience of gambling both on the computer version and from the Aviator betting game app on your phone. Join 4RaBet now!

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