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At the 4rabet India online casino site, you will find a variety of poker options. It is one of the most famous traditional board games in the world. The game is based on skill and logic, not just chance. Players are attracted by interactivity and high chances to beat the machine and get real money. It is a great variant if you are bored with the usual slots. Nowadays, there are a large number of kinds of video poker. Gaming providers create something new every year. So, sign up on the website now and have a great time at 4rabet Poker. The company is licensed and offers fast deposits and withdrawals.

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Videopoker online

Features of Video Poker 4rabet

On the official website of 4rabet, Indian players will find more than 100 video poker variations from well-known providers. For example, Poker Teen Patti, Three Card, Triple Bonus, Oasis, Face and Deuces and etc. You should have an idea about the classic game version to start playing one of the proposed game types. The user receives five cards randomly selected by the system. After that, the participant in the game starts the turn.

The main advantage of video poker is that the user does not need to hide his emotions, he learns to bluff. The main parameters of the online poker 4ra bet are:

  1. Large payouts. The size of the winnings depends on the combination of cards drawn. For example, royal flush payouts are several times higher than the bet, while other combinations, on the contrary, can bring smaller winnings. The amount of the payout depends on the game. Poker also provides a jackpot consisting of a certain set of cards.
  2. High RTP. Before choosing one of the poker options, look at the return percentage. On average, the RTP is 97%, a high figure compared to online casino slots and other games.
  3. Fast and convenient gameplay. The game rounds go fast. In addition, online games are played around the clock, so you do not have to adjust to a specific schedule.
  4. Numerous variations. Poker is one of the few online casino games with many variations. Each type has its modifications, so if you are bored with the classic video poker version, modern versions will keep you from getting bored.

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Types of Poker Games

Video poker is popular for combining excitement and convenience, which requires some skills. At 4rabet, there are always relevant and well-known game options. So consider the most popular types of poker.

✔️ Jacks or BetterIt is a simple game version, suitable for a beginner. The payback is 99%. The task is to collect a combination of five cards with at least two jacks. The peculiarity of the game is that the player can double the bet every time a variety of Jacks or better fall out. Many additional features make the game more exciting.
✔️ Deuces WildIt is also a popular video poker variant with a deck of 52 cards. Get deuces, which are wild cards. Deuces play the role of the Joker and are able to replace cards in any combination except for Natural Royal Flush. Four deuces are considered the best winning option after a royal flush. The main goal to play video poker for money is to collect a winning combination from a certain set of cards. To do this, the user can change several cards once for free.
✔️ Tens or BetterThe game principle is similar to Jacks or Better, except that you can win from a pair of tens instead of jacks. After the distribution, you can risk money and get up to four times more.
✔️ Double Aces and FacesIt is one of the variations of Jacks or Better. However, the player receives high payouts for four kinds of aces or eights. The goal of the game is to collect the best combination. The higher the cards, the bigger the payout. The game does not have bonus features, but the high winning percentage fully compensates for it.
✔️ Joker PokerIt is a relatively simple 53-card game: the standard 52 playing cards and a joker. The winning combination is higher in this video poker 4rabet version than in other variations. In this case, players are given high winning chances. Therefore, the game is popular among players, especially with a ratio of 7/5.
✔️ Bonus PokerIt is similar to Jacks or Better but offers higher payouts for 4 kind hands. The 8/5 table for Bonus Poker brings a 99.17% return per hand.
✔️ Pick-em PokerYou get two cards from a standard 52-card deck. Then you are offered 2 more cards, adding one you will see another pair of cards, then another, and then the final cards. Thanks to this you can increase your hand up to 5 cards. Pick-em Poker has an amazing return rate of over 99.9%, it attracts players. 

Video Poker Slot Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for playing VideoPoker

Sign in/Sign up at 4rabet

Enter your login and password or go to the registration procedure on the official website of the online casino 4rabet.

Top up your wallet

4rabet offers the most convenient deposit methods for users from India. Deposit the desired amount and confirm the procedure.

Determine the bet size

Decide how much you plan to bet. In video poker, bets are accepted in coins called credit. Choose how much each credit will cost and the number of these credits. The game usually has buttons that allow you to adjust these indicators automatically. You can check the number of payments in a particular table offered in the game.

Draw the first cards

Press the deal button to receive the first five cards. Depending on the game type, cards may be dealt face-down and turned over by the machine simultaneously. See what poker combination you got. If it is not winning, then you should look for combinations further.

Choose your cards

Determine which cards you will keep. Use the Hold button above each card. The menu may differ slightly depending on the game, but the principle remains the same. You will exchange the remaining unsaved cards for new ones.

The second distribution of cards

Confirm the replacement of unsaved cards with new ones. The received cards will create a new poker hand.

Results and payments

Play until you get a winning combination. If you need help choosing winning cards, then the machine will help you. The game will automatically announce the best combination of five cards. The bigger the poker hand, the more money you win.

Get things done

The goal of the game is to get the highest winning combination. For example, a royal flush will bring the highest winnings than, for example, a variety of triples. Collect also: straight flush (five cards in a row of the same suit); four of a kind (Four cards of the same value); the full house (Three plus a couple); blush (Five cards of the same suit), etc.

Game results

If the game was played successfully, you can withdraw money by a convenient method or continue playing further.

Which Strategy to Choose

Each type of video poker uses a specific strategy. It gives clear instructions on how to act in certain conditions. Game systems are not interconnected, so you should not replace strategies.

  • Strategy for Jacks or Better. It is a simple game, and the winning strategy is easy for beginners to understand. It makes it possible to understand the principle of playing video poker. Get winning combinations: 8/5 – full house and flush give eight and five coins each; 9/6 – the same combinations bring nine and six coins.
  • Strategy for Deuces Wild. The deuces are the jokers. They can complete any combination by replacing the missing cards. The minimum payout is given for three cards of the same denomination. At high odds, four deuces, five identical cards, and a straight flush are paid if the combinations are made with the participation of a joker.
  • Strategy Joker Poker. Collect poker (five cards of the same value), a royal flush with a joker. Start collecting combinations with a pair of kings. The game uses a joker, which creates new combinations.
  • Tens or Better strategy. It is one of the most straightforward video poker variations with many winning combinations. However, the easier it is to make a combination, the lower the winnings. Use the Jacks or Better strategy to win, but collect winning cards like a Royal Flush. It is the most profitable hand on Tens or Better. Also, four-of-a-kind, straight flush, straight, two pairs.
  • Strategy for Double Aces and Faces. The principle of the game is similar to Jacks or Better. Collect winning combinations like a royal flush, 4-of-a-kind, straight flush, full house, etc.

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Poker Bonuses

✔️ 90,000 INR Casino Welcome PackTop up the account for playing video poker and get Casino Welcome Pack for the first 4 deposits. The max. bonus amount is: • on the first – 200% up to 30,000 INR • on the second – 120% – up to 12,000 INR • on the third – 180% – up to 18,000 INR • on the fourth – 200% – up to 30,000 INR The minimum deposit to receive the bonus is 100 INR.
✔️ Casino CashbackReturn part of the lost money from 5-20% while playing poker. The percentage of cashback depends on the level earned in the casino loyalty program.


Is it possible to play video poker in the 4rabet app?

Yes, install the application on your mobile phone or tablet. The app supports different operating systems and you can play anywhere.

Can I play video poker for free?

Yes, the demo video poker is available to players. You will receive virtual winnings that cannot be withdrawn.

What is the winning strategy to choose?

Depending on the video poker type, it offers an individual game strategy. It is better for a beginner to start with simple game options and strategies.

Is it legal to play video poker for money in India?

The 4Rabet activities in India are carried out legally. You can bet on video poker, win and withdraw winnings in rupees.

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