4RaBet Registration, Login and Verification Guide

4RaBet registration is the first step in entering the world of betting. Spoiler alert: an entry to 4RaBet will take a little of your time. However, we would like to guide you on this part of this journey as well. Learn how to register with 4RaBet instantly, verify your account, and find answers to frequently asked questions.

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Registration at 4RaBet Official Website

Many years ago, the customers of betting shops had to register a new account at one or another bookmaker company. Today, you don’t have to go anywhere (on-premises betting shops are banned in India). Your online betting and gambling tools are in your pocket.

4RaBet is an online betting platform that offers sports betting and casino games. 4RaBet offers a user-friendly interface for seamless betting and gaming experiences. It offers a wide range of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. You can choose from various options, including INR (Indian Rupees), to manage your transactions conveniently. A player can sign up at 4RaBet with two methods of registration and proceed it from any device. Learn both options to make your first 4RaBet login. 

4RaBet Registration Process process via email 

sign up via email
  1. Open the 4RaBet website on your device.
  2. Click on the sign-up button in the top right corner.
  3. Select the email option.
  4. If you have promo code, insert one.

  5. Agree on terms and conditions. It is mandatory to be older than 18 years old.
  6. Choose your welcome bonus. At this moment, 4RaBet registration bonus is available both for sports and casino.
  7. Summarized. Enter the following data: your email, preferred currency, agree the terms and the bonus type.
  8. Enjoy.

4RaBet Sign-Up via mobile number

  1. Let’s do the same actions for the mobile number option.
  2. Navigate to the sign-up button and click on it.
  3. Select the mobile phone number path.
  4. Redeem your 4RaBet promo code for extra bonus (in case one was provided).

  5. Terms and conditions – you have to align with the rules of the organization.
  6. Select your bonus – sign up with an opportunity to instantly boost your account.
  7. You are welcome.
sign up via mobile

Registration with your 4RaBet mobile app

For those who want to feel the power of betting straight from the 4RaBet India registration, we recommend downloading the 4RaBet mobile app. We have versions for Android and IOS.  You don’t have to commit any other steps to register an account at 4RaBet. All you have to do is click on the Android button or Apple button to get the mobile application on your phone. Of course, you will be redirected to the App Store if you want to do your first login on your iPhone device. In the Android case, an APK file will be downloaded on your mobile device and you will need to install the app on the device. 

All in all, the procedure doesn’t have any differences based on the platform you choose to register at 4RaBet.


4RaBet Verification Process

4rabet verification

4RaBet Verification is one of the parts of registration. We have to mention that verification is not mandatory, however, you can be asked to complete this procedure to secure your account. Once your account is verified, there is a minimum chance somebody can hack your account and leak your data. You will be contacted by 4RaBet managers by email when you have to take action regarding the verification. Now, let’s imagine you have received an email, that your account has to undergo a verification and this is what you have to do: 

  1. Contact the customer support Live Chat – it is a crucial step. They will provide you with the entire checklist to execute your 4RaBet account verification.
  2. Prepare your documents. If you are from India, make sure you have a valid Indian passport so the 4RaBet document verification will be real.
  3. Also, identification is followed by your selfie with the document.
  4. The verification process will take from 2 working days up to one working week.
  5. You will be informed via email once your authentication is completed.

Let’s summarize and emphasize why it is so important to do verification of your account – you will not be able to use banking methods both for deposits and withdrawals if you do not verify your identity:

  • 4RaBet has to know, whether you are a real human or a robot, created by some fraudster to trick the system.
  • The main mistakes during authentication are concerned with providing valid documents.
  • Therefore, we suggest working on this case even before registration, which will ease your life. Important to note, that driving license will work if you don’t have a valid passport.
  • If you fail to verify your identity, stay in touch with 4RaBet agents to find a solution together.

4RaBet Login Process

The 4RaBet sign-in procedure is what you will be asked after you register at 4RaBet. Once again, it does not matter which platform you are using, whether it is a website opened in the browser or your 4RaBet application. Log into your account at 4RaBet takes less time the register, especially with new technologies. Nowadays, you can activate 4RaBet auto login or put in the Face ID option. 

The sign in process differentiates for smartphone and PC users. 

4RaBet login in India is the same process as for other supported countries. The functions are all the same from Brazil to Bangladesh.


4Rabet App Login 

Firstly install the 4RaBet App. It is only a matter of seconds if you have already created an account. 

  1. Open the app.
  2. Sign in if you have been signed out or it is your first log-in.
  3. Enter your credentials and off you go.

4RaBet APK login does not differ anyhow from signing in on an IOS device. 4RaBet online login process is designed to be universal, as you might change the platform in the future.

If you have any 4RaBet login problems, do not hesitate to contact the 4RaBet customer service assistants. 

4RaBet Login with email

If you find it convenient to sign in in with your email, following procedure has to be carried out: 

  1. Select email sign in option.
  2. Paste your email, be sure that the data you are entering is correct.
  3. Type in your password and log in.
  4. In case if you forgot your password the reset option, and follow the further instructions.
login via email 1
login via phone 1

4RaBet Login via phone

Everybody chooses their own way of signing in. The choice can be driven by the security reasons, as you would want somebody to see your email. Same logic can be applied to the phone number method. If you choose phone number path, follow this sequence: 

  1. Select the phone number entry.
  2. Thoroughly enter your credentials.
  3. Write your password, make sure you create a strong password.
  4. Log in.

4RaBet Website Login 

If you are a conventional PC bettor, smartphones are not for you, as you want to have a big screen with all rates and events. 

4RaBet login via a browser is also possible via smartphone. For example, you don’t have free space on your device and you are forced to use the website version in this case. 

Sign in to 4RaBet on your PC and make sure to save the data for the future. In conclusion, the process of entering the exciting world of betting on 4RaBet is made easy and accessible through step-by-step registration methods, whether via email, phone number, or the 4RaBet app. The platform prioritizes the security of its users’ personal data, emphasizing the importance of account authentication. Completing the process ensures the safety of your account, allowing you to enjoy real money betting and casino games with peace of mind. The login process, be it through the website or the app, is seamless and user-friendly, catering to both smartphone and PC users. Additionally, 4RaBet customer support is readily available to assist users facing sign in issues. Happy betting!


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