Terms and Conditions

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These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of 4RaBet’s Website, located at https://4rabet.com.in/.

Basic Terms and Definitions

  1. Betting on the same outcome of an event consecutively is prohibited. If such a violation is found, both bets will be refunded.
  2. Bet: An agreement about the outcome of an event between a client and a sportsbook company, dependent on event results unknown at the time of agreement. Bets are accepted based on conditions set by the sportsbook company.
  3. Outcome: The result of the event on which a bet is placed.
  4. Client: The individual placing a bet with the sportsbook company on an event’s outcome.
  5. Line: A collection of events, their possible outcomes, odds, and event details, after which the sportsbook company stops accepting bets.
  6. Bet Cancellation: An event for which no calculation or payment is made. If a bet is canceled according to this Agreement, the deal between the organizer and the client is considered lost, and a refund is issued.
  7. Main Time of the Match: The duration of a match according to competition rules, including added referee time, excluding extra time, overtimes, and penalties.
  8. All bets are settled based on information provided by the processing center.
  9. Participants must verify the accuracy of their calculated winnings. Discrepancies should be reported within ten days, specifying relevant details.
  10. A bet is considered winning if all specified outcomes are predicted correctly.
  11. Conditions for bet acceptance (odds, handicaps, totals, maximum bet limits, etc.) can change after any bet. Clients must confirm current conditions before placing bets.
  12. Bets made on events with known outcomes at the time of betting will have odds of “1”.
  13. Disagreements between clients and the sportsbook company regarding bets, outcomes, odds, or Agreement terms are resolved through pre-action settlement procedures.
  14. Claims must be made within ten days of discovering a violation of rights. Sufficient evidence must accompany claims, or they will be rejected.
  15. Mistakes in bet acceptance, evident misprints, or discrepancies in odds may result in bets being declared invalid, paid with odds of “1”.
  16. Suspicion of non-sporting conduct can lead to bet blocking and, upon confirmation, invalidation with odds of “1”. Detailed explanations are not guaranteed.
  17. Obvious errors in odds result in calculations based on the correct odds corresponding to the market.
  18. Discrepancies in transliteration, player names, or venue details do not warrant refunds.
  19. Accounts can be closed, and bets canceled if participants had prior knowledge of event outcomes. Detailed justifications are not guaranteed.

Basic Rules for Accepting Bets

  1. The sportsbook company may limit maximum bets, odds, or individual clients’ betting limits without notice.
  2. Repeated bets on the same outcome or combination may be limited by the sportsbook company’s decision.
  3. Bets are accepted upon registration on the server with no cancellations or corrections allowed.
  4. Bets cannot exceed the client’s account balance. Bets are deducted from the account upon registration, and winnings are credited after calculation.
  5. Bets are accepted before event start time. Bets made after the event starts are invalid, except for live bets during matches, which are valid until match completion.
  6. LINE and LIVE bets cannot be edited or deleted except in special cases outlined in these rules.
  7. Cancelled bets result in refunds for single bets. In express bets, cancellation of one or more events voids only those events.
  8. Incorrectly calculated bets are recalculated. Bets made between incorrect calculation and recalculation remain valid. Negative balances prohibit further betting.
  9. Sports events’ status is based on official documents or credible sports sources. Postponed or canceled events are determined using verified information.
  10. Bets are canceled if clients deliberately mislead staff or bet on known outcomes before they are updated in the system.

Types of Bets

  1. Single Bet: Bet on a specific event outcome. Winnings equal bet amount multiplied by the specified odds.
  2. Accumulator Bet: Bet on multiple independent event outcomes. Accumulator winnings are the bet amount multiplied by odds of all included outcomes. Losing one outcome voids the entire accumulator.

Restrictions on Event Outcomes

  1. Only one dependent outcome can be included in an express bet. Including multiple dependent events excludes events with the lowest odds from the express.
  2. Dependent outcomes influence each other’s results.
  3. Bets on events like “Team will score a penalty Yes/No” are losers if no penalty occurs in regulation time.
  4. Bets on specific goals (e.g., “How a goal will be scored,” “Next goal”) are losers if the specified goal is not scored.

Live Bets

  1. Live bets cover main and additional outcomes, allowing single and combined bets.
  2. Live bets are valid after server registration and confirmation. Bets are unchangeable. Invalid live bets result in odds of “1”.
  3. Sportsbook company is not responsible for inaccuracies in live match results or athlete/team names. Clients should use independent sources for accurate information.
  4. Live bets cannot be edited or deleted.

Results, Event Start Times, and Dispute Resolution

  1. Bets are recalculated for incorrect results provided by the bookmaker.
  2. When calculating bets, the actual start time of events is considered, determined based on official documents of organizations holding sports competitions or credible sports sources.
  3. The sportsbook company is not liable for discrepancies in championship names or match durations. Clients must use independent sources to verify event details.
  4. Event result disputes must be raised within ten calendar days of the event end, supported by official documents from the organizing entity.
  5. Bets made after an event starts are calculated with odds of “1”, except for live bets.
  6. Bets on events where outcomes were known to the client are canceled after a closed investigation.
  7. If a participant withdraws before an event, bets on that participant are void.
  8. If a participant retires during a competition, bets made before the last round/stage start are valid; remaining bets are canceled.
  9. If a participant does not compete, odds of “1” apply unless stated otherwise.
  10. Team composition changes in events do not void bets.
  11. In doubles matches, if a participant is replaced, odds become “1”; unspecified compositions keep bets valid.
  12. Event location changes maintain bet validity unless “hosts” and “guests” apply. If these terms don’t, bets remain valid despite location changes.
  13. Teams in specified leagues can be placed in direct or reverse sequence without refunds for reverse arrangements.
  14. In friendly matches, bets remain valid despite location changes.
  15. For events without specific bet rules, basic rules apply.
  16. In unprecedented disputes, the sportsbook company makes the final decision.
  17. In case of conflicting information (date, time, result, team names), win payments halt until information authenticity is verified. TV broadcast data may override official websites.
  18. Mistakes in odds calculation result in bets being counted as winners, paid with odds of “1”.


  1. “We,” “us,” “our,” or “Company” refer to the sportsbook company in this Agreement.

Conditions Change

  1. For various reasons, including commercial, legal, or customer service concerns, we reserve the right to modify the Agreement. Current terms and effective dates are available on the website. Clients are responsible for staying updated, and website operations can change without notice.
  2. Continued website use after amended terms means full acceptance, regardless of client notifications.


  1. Individuals below the legal gambling age in their jurisdiction cannot use the website. Using the website underage violates this Agreement. Age verification may be requested.
  2. Online gambling legality varies by jurisdiction. Clients assume responsibility for legality in their location and accept associated risks.
  3. Clients confirm their website use complies with local laws and regulations.
  4. The website does not accept clients from specified countries or regions due to legal restrictions. The list is subject to change without notice. Clients in these regions cannot open accounts or make deposits.
  5. Bets are not accepted from event participants, individuals representing other sportsbooks, or those banned by law.
  6. Clients violating these terms face bet cancellations, payment refusals, or account closure, even retroactively.

Account Opening

  1. Clients must open an account to access site services. Registration requires email, password, and personal details: name, phone, and birthdate.
  2. Identity documents may be requested for verification. Failure to provide requested documents may result in account suspension.
  3. Clients must maintain accurate profile information. Failure to update may result in restrictions or account closure.
  4. Support services can assist with registration issues. Each client is allowed one account. Duplicate accounts are closed, and related transactions invalidated.

Identity Verification

Clients affirm being of legal gambling age, owning account funds, providing accurate information, and assuming full responsibility for losses. Website use indicates acceptance and understanding of risks. Clients cannot claim company responsibility for losses.

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