4RaBet Is Real or Fake

4RaBet is real or fake? The only one answer is correct: 4RaBet is real and trusted casino and betting platform, used by millions of users every month. Why do we so sure about that? Let’s take a closer look.

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4rabet real or fake

Is 4RaBet Real or Fake: Information About Company

First things first, so first of all we should take a look at the general information about the 4RaBet company. In order to say that the company is genuine and operates under the law requirements, we should make a few simple, but very important checks. Here’s what we did and what answers did we got:

  1. Does 4RaBet have a license for providing the sevices? Yes, it has a license issued by the government of the Curacao, so the company holding the Curacao Gaming License. This is the most popular type of international licenses used by dozens of betting and casino companies around the world, like Parimatch, 1xBet, Dafabet, etc.
  2. Does 4RaBet registered legal entity, due to the law requirements? Yes, 4RaBet is a registered legal entity, and the legal entities only can obtain the Curacao Gaming License. In other words, if you aren’t registered as an international company, you won’t get a gaming license.
  3. Does 4RaBet have a trusted website? Yes, every version of the website have HTTPS connection which is prevents from data stealing and provide the quality protection for all website visitors. Moreover, 4RaBet website (as any other casino/betting website) is always checked by the governmental representatives before the license would be issued.
  4. Does 4RaBet process the payments on their own side? No, all the payments processing on the payment processor’s and payment service provider’s side. What is the payment service provider? This is a well-known companies who process the payments, like Google Pay, Payoneer, Neteller, PayTM, etc. So if you trust the providers like Google Pay or PayTM, you shouldn’t worry about the safety of your payments at 4RaBet as well.

Is 4RaBet Legal in India?

4RaBet is legal company provides sportsbook and gambling services for the users across the world. It is registered with the state-based legal requirements, and running under the Curacao Gambling Commission license.

Also, there are also other facts says definitely clear is 4RaBet real or fake:

  • The company is registered years ago. For a years, there are no any doubts from the authorities that company may be fake.
  • 4RaBet cooperates with many famous bloggers, websites and you can also seen it on some worldwide-popular niche events.
  • Whoever says 4RaBet is fake didn’t provided any evidences of “fake” activity of any proofs that leads to the conclusion that 4RaBet is not a genuine company.
4Rabet legal or not

Which Laws Regulate Sports Betting and Gambling in India?

Sports betting and gambling in India are regulated by a combination of central and state laws, not just by one law. The laws can vary from state to state, and the legal landscape can be complex. However, we found some of the key laws that regulate sports betting and gambling in India:

  1. Public Gambling Act, 1867: This is a central law that was enacted during British colonial rule and governs gambling and betting activities. It provides provisions for the regulation of gambling and the penalties for operating or participating in a gambling house. However, it does not address online gambling, as it was enacted long before the advent of the internet.
  2. State Gambling Laws: Gambling is a subject under the jurisdiction of state governments in India. As a result, each state has the authority to formulate its own gambling laws. Some states have enacted specific laws to regulate and permit certain forms of gambling, while others have chosen to ban gambling activities altogether.
  3. Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998: This central law provides for the regulation and control of lotteries in India. States have the authority to organize, conduct, and promote lotteries within their jurisdictions.
  4. Information Technology Act, 2000: This central law contains provisions related to electronic transactions and cybersecurity. While it doesn’t specifically regulate gambling, it has been invoked in cases involving online gambling activities.
  5. Betting Laws in Specific States: Some states have their own specific laws regulating betting, which may include horse racing betting. For example, the Bombay Race Courses Licensing Act, 1912, and the Madras Horse Race Betting Tax Act, 1955, are examples of state laws that govern horse racing and betting in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, respectively.

It’s important to note that the legal status of sports betting and gambling in India can be fluid, and interpretations of the laws may evolve over time (like it already was in 2022). Additionally, online gambling is a relatively newer phenomenon and may not be explicitly covered by existing laws. As such, the legal landscape can be complex and subject to change.

Nevertheless, 4RaBet still comply with ALL the requirements of the laws mentioned above. Why? Because company always check their current status with the law requirements and doesn’t want to breach the law by any means.

What Professionals Says About 4Rabet is Real or Fake?

Speaking about 4RaBet is real or fake, we should take a look at the professional opinions. There are dozens of the professional and niche gambling websites which are made 4RaBet reviews and “scanned” the company from all the possible sides and aspects. As a result, there are bunch of reviews from the trusted third-party websites, professional sport websites and bloggers, who leaves the positive reviews on 4RaBet. Let’s just take a closer look at a few of them!

trustpilot 4rabet

Trustpilot (R) is one of the largest and most trustful websites in the world, who rates the websites and services around the world since 2007.

4RaBet rating at the Trustpilot is higher than any other casino or betting companies operates in India. We reply to 99% of negative reviews, and have a claimed profile.

The company makes collaborations with many famous Indian bloggers, actors, actress, and other well-known personalities. If you’re ever asked yourself “can famous people work with the fake company”, and you’re already know the answer (of course, no), then you may be sure about the quality and level of trust of the 4RaBet company.

4Rabet company

What Users Says About 4RaBet is Real or Fake?

Most of users leaves the positive opinions. But before you’ll start with the search of user reviews of 4RaBet, please note the next:

  1. Pay attention to the honest reviews. If you’re see the reviews like “don’t play at 4RaBet, but play instead at … XXX Company”, then… You know what does that mean:) In 99% cases these fake reviews are made by competitors who want to attract customers to their own companies.
  2. See at the opinions “by fact”. What does that mean? It means that users can face with some problems. For example, there may be problems with the payment processing company, or some withdrawal delays due to high level of payments. But again — this doesn’t mean that the company is fake. It means that the problems can occurs with ANY company, there’s no ideal company in the world who held the responsibility for ALL the chains.
  3. Compare the reviews of different betting and casino companies. Think that some of the reviews you’ve found is pretty bad? Well, compare them to the reviews of other companies. Usually, the more you’re comparing the reviews of the different companies, the more you’ll see that there are no ideal company in the world at all. It’s the same as to read reviews on BMW, Mercedes and VW – all of them have thousands of negative reviews, and still remains one of the best car brands in the world.


As of 2024, 4RaBet is a real and operating platform in the Indian online betting market. However, whether it is considered trustworthy or not depends on various factors such as user experiences, licensing, regulatory compliance, and customer support. Users are advised to conduct thorough research, verify licensing information, review user experiences, and exercise caution before engaging in betting activities on 4RaBet or any other online platform.

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