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Online casino 4Rabet offers gamblers in India to play one of the most famous and easiest games that allows you to win quickly – the slot machine Rocket Dice. Simple rules and settings do not take much time, so the player can immediately proceed to betting and playing. The Rocket Dice game has a high percentage of return and increased chances of winning. The site has several versions of the slot where you can try your luck and win money. The “Risk” function will give you a 50/50 chance to increase the prize amount by taking a risk after each successful throw.

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Rocket Dice slot review

✔️Official site4Ra-Bet
✔️Release year24.03.2022
✔️Licenseby the Malta Gaming Authority №MGA/B2B/785/2020
✔️Game typeFast Games
✔️VolatilityVery high
✔️Min/max bet85 INR/8400 INR
✔️Risk gameYes
✔️DevicesSmartphone, PC
✔️Fair play guaranteesYes
✔️SupportLive Chat, Telegram, email

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Game Rules

Rocket Dice 4rabet is a popular slot based on the classic dice game. The slot machine uses two dice. The slot aims to guess whether the roll of two dice will result in more or less than the selected number. To do this, you need to place a bet by selecting any number from 2 to 12 using “over” or “under”. After that, the dice are rolled. The winner is determined according to whether the player has made a winning bet with the dice. The slot machine rules are simple, yet the game remains fun.

Rocket dice 4ra bet


  • Select the bet amount using the + and – buttons and any number from 2 to 12. Next, you need to specify how much the sum of the numbers rolled on the dice will be over/under the selected value.
  • Bets are accepted from 85 to 8,400 rupees. In case of a win, the multiplier field displays the result of the success.
  • To throw the dice, click on the “Roll” button. 
  • With the Auto Play function you can start the game automatically. Select the number of automatic spins and set the fill rate and over/under value. To play, use the “Start” and “Stop” buttons. Autoplay will stop when the selected number of
  • rounds will be played. 
  • If you are not afraid to take risks, use the Risk game. This mode gives you 5-/50 chances to increase your winnings. The function is available after each successful throw. The user chooses three out of six roll outcomes in this slot mode. You can also use the shortcut buttons: repeat, even, and odd. After setting up the round, you need to click Quit. The roll uses one die. If the value matches one of the selected ones, the player wins and takes the winnings (x2). If you lose, the video slot automatically stops, and you return to the regular game.
  • Follow the payouts in the results table. When you win, the corresponding multiplier is used. The payout is automatically transferred to the player’s balance, and the results are transferred to the statistics section.
✔️Over 21.01XUnder 12
✔️Over 31.07XUnder 11
✔️Over 41.18XUnder 10
✔️Over 51.36XUnder 9
✔️Over 61.68XUnder 8
✔️Over 72.35XUnder 7
✔️Over 82.35XUnder 6
✔️Over 95.88XUnder 5
✔️Over 1011.8XUnder 4
✔️Over 1135.3XUnder 3

How to Start Playing

Step-by-step instructions for playing Rocket Dice 4Ra Bet.

Go to the site 4RaBet

Go to the official site of 4rabet and enter your login and password. If you do not have an account, go through the registration procedure.

Make a replenishment

Top up the account, taking into account the specified betting limits. In Rocket Dice casino 4rabet the minimum bet is 85 INR and the maximum is 8400 INR.

Select a value and an over/under

Set the number from 1 to 12 that you have to beat. The higher the selected value, the higher the win rate. Next, choose whether your bet will be more or less than the specified limit.

Choose a mode

You can choose manual or automatic modes. In Manual, you make the throw. In Autoplay, the machine plays for you.

Press the “Roll” button

After that, the video slot will start. If the bet wins, you can collect the winnings or play a Risk game.

Track your earned winnings

The slot machine Rocket Dice automatically calculates the odds according to the Payout Table. When winning, the corresponding multiplier is applied to the bet amount. The result is added to the balance.

Withdraw winnings or keep playing

You can withdraw money in any convenient way offered by 4rabet. Or you can continue the game for the winning amount.

Interface and Control

Customize the slot Rocket Dice XY 4rabet and win. The menu and game controls are simple and understandable, even for a beginner. Only a few buttons are responsible for the functionality of the slot machine. 

  1. Buttons “+” “-” / min/max are responsible for setting the rate.
  2. Autoplay switches the game to automatic mode. When choosing a mode, you should specify roll count and parameters in case of winning and losing.
  3. Risk activates the risk game with the possibility of increasing the winnings by 50 percent.
  4. The “take” button is required to withdraw winnings.
  5. Roll spins the cup and launches the dice.
  6. Over/under and up/down arrows indicate the limit the player must beat.
  7. The “?” section contains the full description and rules of the slot. 

A table with earned coefficients automatically appears in the left corner to keep track of wins and losses. Keep track of your statistics and the results of the best players. The table indicates bet, multiplier, game, roll, and profit.

Best Slots

Tactics and Winning Strategies

✔️Playing at low multipliersThe easiest way to win is to set a low multiplier. This option is suitable for non-risk players. So the winning chances increase several times, but the winnings are low.
✔️One gameSet a betting limit and apply it to play Rocket Dice XY throughout the day. The result doesn’t matter. With several rounds, in any case, there will be a victory, and you will be able to win back the money.
✔️Parlay systemLower your bet if you lose and double your bet if you win. The scheme allows you to earn a big win quickly.
✔️Pyramid systemPlay online Rocket Dice the first round at the minimum bet. Then gradually increase the rate, moving towards the maximum mark. When you reach the total rate, slowly lower the rate.
✔️Hi-lo systemAlternate between raising/lowering the bet in the game.
✔️Martingale systemA simple system where you raise your bet if you lose. Making winning bets is simple, the main rule is to follow the sequence within any strategy and act in accordance with the instructions.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Simple game rules;
  • The menu is quickly configured;
  • Function Risky game;
  • High volatility;
  • Possibility of Autoplay;
  • Great for beginners;
  • 99% return to the player.
hand like
  • The monotony of the game, which will quickly get boring;
  • Winning is low;
  • There is no specific strategy or tactics of the machine;
  • The slot is only in English;
  • There is no progressive jackpot.
hand unlike


Where best to play the Rocket Dice slot?

Online casino 4Rabet is the best place to bet in Rocket Dice. The company is licensed and guarantees fair payouts, and newcomers are offered a 90,000 INR Casino Welcome Pack that can be used in this game.

What are the volatility and RTP in the Rocket Dice?

The volatility in the game is high and the return to players is guaranteed up to 99%. It means that winnings will not happen often, but the prizes will be impressive.

What is the best strategy to win in the game?

The developers of Rocket Dice slot have designed the game so that it is impossible to influence the results, everything happens randomly. You can use Pyramid, Parlay, or Martingale systems to increase your chances of winning.

What is the minimum and maximum bet in the slot? 

In Rocket Dice you can bet from 85 INR to 8400 INR. Indian players can make a deposit in any convenient way at 4Rabet Casino.

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